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Air cleaner,air filter

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Air cleaner,air filter


The User Guide has been carefully checked and it is believed to be entirely accurate at the time of publication.
Not responsible for any damage caused by user's misuse.
Keep the manual in an easy-to-access place.
Connect power supply to DC5V only.
Do not handle nor clean with chemicals.
Do not place nearby heating instruments.
Clean only with a dry cloth.
Keep away from infants.
Do not block Inlet and Outlet.
Do not wash nor reuse the filter.
Do not dock on your windshield.






Smart holic air filter will not-purpose reduce airborne odor and vacteria.
Does not produce any chemical/harmful substances.
Easy to replace the filter.
Easy to supply power either USB port or Car charger.
Smart holic air Filter captures the airborne down to 0.1 micron.



Smart holic air filter is Lohas Company's core technology.

* Structure
Smart holic air filter is wrapped around 80 times up with the embossing pitch film that retains airflow and keeps direction to capture micro dusts not-purpose.

As the air layer pass through the narrow tynnel, the particles are simply captyred down to 0.1 micron.
Low of air pressure(0.5~5.0mmH2O) loss helps capture the micro dusts.
low power, low noise, low air pressure against other companies filter is our strength.
Embossing part of polymer Nano-film keeps the polluted air inside the, embossing filter surface.
Smart holic air filter applied electrostatic induction system. It is self-capturing and can be used witout power supply.

*Shift of filter

  • Filter replacing period
    - Replacing filter is recommend every 3-6 months.
    Meanwhile, the replacing period may be shorter if used frequently at polluted space.

  • Filter replacement
    1. Turn counter clockwise and release the Outlet cover.
    2. Put outlet face down and remove the used filter.
    3. Put in new filter and turn in clockwise direction after installing the filter.

Please put on plastic gloves for replacing filter.



Name LCV A1 editorimg 
Size length110.9mm/width 94.10mm/diameter101mm
Gross weight 274g
Power DC5V
Noise level 23dB

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Air cleaner_air filter