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Far-infrared radiation dryer

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Far-infrared radiation dryer


  • electricity : AC220C,60Hz
  • Consumption of electricity : 1300W
  • warm : 95℃~145℃
  • weight : 300g
  • Product mix
    - Drier 1 EA * Nozzle 1EA * Manual 1EA


The feature of Solide21
- Cool and warm wind hair drier's made to mix between halogen lamp and tungsten hot-wire compositively

Solide21’s principal record
  1. Introduce from America ABC broadcasting “Theview”, Germany home shopping, Japan home shopping Hyundai home shopping, SBS morning show(Korea broadcasting)
  2. Export to America, England, Germany, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, Roreal cosmetic.
  3. We have ISO9001 certification, Q certification, 2007 best product, Korea hair and hairskin management certification, emission of the Infrared rays light 89%, Sterilization 99%, deodorization 70%(infrared society)

The Special feature of Solide21
  1. The drier with infrared rays light was developed with halogen lamp initially in the world
  2. The infrared rays light help to prevent bacterial virus, the circulation of blood smoothly, the creation of Cellular tissue, anti aging and so on, it is great to remove bad smell after shampooing
  3. The hair keeps moisture to help prevent cuticle damage and make glossy hair by emission of the Infrared rays light.
  4. When people use hair drier to dry their hair, most of the time, It’s dried outside of hair, and then inside of hair is dried late. But when People wants to dry their hair quckily, the outside of hair is going to damage.
    Therefore, if people use Solide21, people solve the hair damage and trim their hair shortly because the infrared rays light is very stong penetration for the spaces of hair
  5. The damaged hair can never be recover for itself, Solide21 is management use before damage.


FORBELLA is a10 years-old propessional company that develops,produces and sells Hair Beauty Device.
The company is currently expanding its development up to the areas of trichosis and depilation,and is working to sell, develop and manufacture products.
The company has gained public faver not only domestically but also internationally, in addition,it is putting 100% efforts into the technical development of products to provide customers with good quality Hair Beauty Device.
Furthermore,the company is working night and day for domestic and over sea business operations.

We are manufacturer of hair irons, hair dryers ,hair scissors and hair gross for home care from Korea. We export our products to all over contries.

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Far_infrared radiation dryer

Far_infrared radiation dryer