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far-infrared stand super dryer for shop

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  • South Korea South Korea
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far-infrared stand super dryer for shop


For quick dry,perm,treatment.
Rotary wing type.


    To the safe and proper use the Multi Bellamo, Please note the followings points.

  1. Make sure the rated voltage AC220 before using.
    - failure or component damage has be cause.
  2. Do not impact the product
    - components might be removed.
  3. Please make sure that the use of contaminated in LPG or LNG gas.
    - there are concerns of the explosion or fire.( ventilate the room after use )
  4. Do not use the place of watery or humidity.
    - cause damage and shorten the life of parts.
  5. Do not operate the switch with wet hands.
    - cause corrosion of components and fire for the liquid flow into the hiatus. Use your hands after removing the moisture.
  6. Do not move the using
    - there are concerns of the customer damage and fall down.
  7. Do not burnish by the alcohol, benzene, flammable materials.
    - there are become altered of the outside color.
  8. Do not decompose randomly.
    - Please request to center or agency when product failure.
  9. Do not hang on or hand catch by force.
    - breakdown or be accident
  10. Please request to service center after pull out the power cord from the concent when strange sound or smoke.

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far_infrared stand super dryer for shop